Born in Newfoundland, Canada, Lorna Taylor now lives with her family in Sherwood Park, Alberta with her husband and two young children. She most enjoys photographing flowers, nature and landscapes, but if there is a camera handy, nothing is off limits.

"I have been hooked on nature photography since I received my first camera when I was twelve years old. Growing up as I did on the coast of Newfoundland and then living in British Columbia, it is hard not to be in love with nature. Everywhere I look I see art; a potential photograph. I feel as though I've always been looking at the world through a lens.

I rarely step outside without a camera in my hand. Photography allows me to capture history, another great love of mine. Capturing a moment in time and knowing that you can never really recreate it again is such an enjoyable experience.

So if you see me around climbing through a garden, hiking a trail or wading through a ditch, just wave and say hi."

Lorna Taylor